JMC — My Personal Branding Statement

Who am I?:

Ashley Whyte is an aspiring entrepreneur and media professional, with a keen focus on encouraging the values of positivity, gratitude and hard work. Having recently graduated from Padua College, a Catholic school for young men in the vision of St. Francis; Ashley can proudly discuss his various contributions to the college. From charitable work involving Padua, the Little Kings movement and Padua’s sister school in East Timor to more academic and cultural driven pursuits including a tour of Japan and a runners-up finish at the International Space Settlement Design Competition at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Being afforded such wonderful opportunity is something Ashley does not want to waste, rather focus on combining these experiences to be the finest professional he can be.

What do I stand for?:

Throughout Ashley’s time at Padua College, the fostered values were courtesy and respect. These in collaboration with the values I have developed in both personal endeavours with inspiring people and individual journeys, whether a trip, job or team activity have brought me to develop my own personal values that are at the core of how Ashley conducts himself. ‘Hustle, mindset and gratitude’ are these defining and core values. To Ashley, this era is the most competitive time that we’ve ever lived in, so being the hardest worker who gives the most value in whatever he does is crucial and is indicative of Ashley — seen in his high school work and more recent endeavours with an internship at Corvidae (An esport focused media company).

Why it matters:

What a Catholic education, a space design competition, workplace experience at McDonald’s and an internship with a modern media company all have in common is how they have positively impacted Ashley, but furthermore, have become the mediums that have allow him to continue learning and refining his craft. Living and speaking out his truth is what enables Ashley to enjoy his work most and invest the time and effort that he does — seen in his current intern work for Corvidae. Initiative and forward-thinking are critical skills in new and upcoming industries such as esport. Exploring as many media outlets as possible, whether it be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitch; will be the key, in collaboration with skills Ashley has and is developing that all come together to shape a modern, hardworking and revolutionary media professional.

My vision:

In order to reach his goals, Ashley will continue to draw on his values and fully understand what his strengths and weaknesses are. A key niche he is looking at to draw attention is educating, which is important considering esport is such a new industry in comparison to other more traditional media focused industries. He aims to triple down on his strengths and produce work that is of the highest caliber, regardless of whether its written, video, audio and spoken content. Passion sits as one of Ashley’s greatest assets in conjunction with the hunger to be maximizing every hour of the day as well as the desire to give value back and be grateful for all that has been given to me. This is Ashley’s statement of truth, his personal brand and his means of being the envisioned, entrepreneurial media professional.




QUT — Media & Communications

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Ashley Whyte

Ashley Whyte

QUT — Media & Communications

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